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Question 1 Probability

Question 2 Measures of Central Tendency

Question 3 Algebra Problem Solving


Question 4 Pythagoras


Parent Information Heading 2

Probability Heading 3

Answer the Probability question in the parent information section of your wiki page. Please make sure to label the picture as your own if you decide to use a picture.

You must also
  1. Take a picture of one of your tests. Rename it YOurnameprobpic.png
  2. Explain the difference between Theoretical and Experimental Probability

Measures of Central Tendency Heading 3


  1. Create a screen capture of your Post on MMM
  2. Rename your picture YournameMMM.png
  3. Upload to Wikispaces
  4. Link to your blog.

Integers Heading 3

  1. Take a screencapture of your post and of your integer poetry. Rename it yournameintp.png
  2. What is the multiplicative inverse?

Great Big Book Of Algebra Heading 3

  1. Create a screenshot of your GBBOA. Rename it yournamegbboa.png
  2. Link to your post on the GBBOA


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