• 3 Famous birthday reports
  • Write a reflection Did you improve with each report? Why or Why not?
  • What area do you do well?
  • What area can you imporve?

  • Outsiders Newsletter
  • Hockey Player report and 3d visual (Picture)
  • Provide a brief explanation of the assignment (the Hockey Sweater)

This is how to make a letterpop newsletter.

How to embed your Newsletter
You need to make a table for your Famous Birthdays.
  1. Use the table maker on the tool bar to make a table that is 1 column and 3 row or 3 columns and 1 row which ever you like the best.
  2. In each cell type the name of your famous birthday
  3. Link the name to your famous birthday.
To link to your famous birthday do the following
  1. Copy your word document into google docs. Rename it to be the person's name.
  2. After saving it publish it. Use the link from google docs in your table. This means that the link from the table takes you to the Famous Birthday at Google docs.
Here is the tutorial on how to do the Famous Birthday embedding.


lindataylor.jpgMy famous birthday on Taylor